90% of our patients sleep through the night and awake with little or no pain!

If there’s a better way to recover…

Why settle for less?

The so-called “best practices” for shoulder surgery recovery will dramatically reduce your comfort and do very little to facilitate the restorative, health-giving sleep your body needs to heal.

Many doctors assume as fact that a sling, recliner and sleeplessness are just part of the recovery process. Don’t believe it.  And please, don’t try to sleep upright in your chair. And get rid of that uncomfortable sling.  There is a better way!

Instead, you can lie down, take off that sling and sleep in the comfort of your own bed.  Get the health benefits of deeper, restorative sleep with less pain medication and more comfort!

The Restore You Therapeutic Support allows patients to reap these benefits of restorative sleep:

  • Significantly better sleep, dramatically reducing the impact of Sleep Deprivation. Our patients are averaging 6-8 hours of sleep per night and awaking pain free or dramatically reduced pain levels. This is unheard of with shoulder surgery recovery.
  • Due to receiving better sleep and reduced pain, we believe we will see a 50% or greater reduction in the use of opioids by our patients.
  • All of this resulting in a shorter recovery period and allowing our patients get back to their lives quicker.

We are currently conducting large scale clinical trials with Leading Clinical Research Centers to quantify the results


“Learn how the Restore You Therapeutic Support was invented based on my own personal experience…” 

-Scott Adams

The Restore You Therapeutic Support


Helps with many other surgical recoveries and conditions as well.

Although the Restore You Therapeutic Support was originally developed and designed for recovery after shoulder surgery, the benefits of our patented design have been recognized and quickly adopted for many other uses and recoveries. 

Breast Cancer

Spinal Surgery

Heart Conditions

Plastic Surgery

Back Pain & Sciatica

Sleep Apnea

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)



Many More...

Improve your recovery experience with the

Now you can sleep in the comfort of your own bed with proper support while still receiving a restorative night’s sleep.


Ready To Sleep Better?

Now you can sleep in the comfort of your own bed with proper support while still receiving a restorative night’s sleep.