90% of our patients sleep through the night and awake with little or no pain!

Frequently Asked Questions

May I sit up in the support?

Yes, if you wish to watch TV or read, etc. you may sit up and add pillows for more support. But while sleeping you should position yourself so that where the arm of the support intersects with the back support, that point should be under your arm pit so that your shoulder is supported by the arm of the support and you do not have rounded shoulders because you are sitting to low in the support.

Should I use a pillow?

The support was designed to use with a pillow of your choice but can be used without a pillow if that is more comfortable for you.

Is the cover washable?

Yes. The cover can be easily removed from the support just by unzipping the cover and removing. Throw the cover in with your regular wash cycle and you are good to go.

What if I’m small and there is space left on one side of the support, does that matter?

Not really.  If you can stay tight up against the support arm that is supporting your injured shoulder than that is ideal.  But one of the nice features of the support is that it cradles you.  So, if you are smaller and you may want to place a rolled-up towel in between you and the support to make it more snug for you, then that is fine.

Is the Restore You Therapeutic Support only for shoulder surgery recovery?

No. With any recovery process where the instructions are to sleep in a recliner or with a slight elevation of your upper torso, our support will provide a significant difference.

Patients can’t stop talking about the Restore You Therapeutic Support!

The Restore You Therapeutic Support is the single most useful piece of equipment I’ve had in my recovery. My surgery was for a rotator cuff tear, and bicep tear and I was unable to lie flat following the procedure for quite some time. The system is allowing me to lay back in a relaxed but supported position. The best feeling of support is behind my arm and shoulder blade area, where traditional pillows can be hard to reach. It’s easy to toss on the bed and put in position, and it’s super lightweight. And the material keeps me from getting as hot as I did when surrounded by pillows. I am grateful for the system and have no doubt it’s playing a role in my successful recovery so far.

Traci W. Las Vegas, NV    10/2/20

    In December of 2019 I took a fall and dislocated my right shoulder, severely damaged my rotator cuff along with a torn labrum. I was in a tremendous amount of pain but along with that pain I also suffered from a lack of much needed sleep and still had to wait for surgery.  Fortunately, I was given the Restore You Therapeutic Support before my surgery and I couldn’t have been more thankful.

    After just a few days of sleeping in my recliner I brought home the new support.  All I can say is WOW!  I went from the most uncomfortable, constantly interrupted nights of sleep in my recliner, to the relaxing comfort of my bed with my wife.  It helped me so much before the surgery and was just as wonderful post OP. This support was a vital part of my recovery!  I could not be happier. I highly recommend the Restore You Therapeutic Support to any future shoulder surgery patients.

    Tom W., St. Louis MO  12/19/19

    I had shoulder surgery 2 months ago and still have not been able to get a good night’s sleep, because of the pain and discomfort I am having.  I am back to work and in a daze for lack of any real restful sleep.  Then I found out about the Restore You Therapeutic Support in a chat room and ordered one.  Oh, I cannot tell you the difference it has made.  From my first night of sleep I was able to sleep 7 hours and woke up with no pain and a new person.  Going back to work and going to therapy is a world of difference now.  I have so much more energy and can deal with all the difficulties so much better being rested.  I am telling everyone in my chatrooms this is a wonderful product and best money I ever spend.

    Penny B., Hamilton, OH  12/9/19

    I was so afraid of my up-coming surgery because of all the horror stories I have heard from my friends and even my doctor. But right before my surgery I received the Restore You Therapeutic Support and so my first night home I was able to sleep all night.  My second night when the drugs had total worn off, I sleep even better.  I slept 6-7 hours and when I awakened, I had no pain.  Of course, after I started to move around the pain came back, but not more than I could handle.  It has been 3 weeks now and I am feeling great compared to what I expected, my therapy is going well, and I sleep thru the night and awaken with no pain.  Much, much better than my friends experience.  I highly recommend this product and don’t know what anyone would do without it in recovery.

    Virginia M., Monroe, OH  11/26/19

    My rotator cuff injury and torn bicep gave me so much pain that I slept in a recliner for two months waiting for surgery. I found myself waking up every two hours.  Then I discovered the new Restore You Therapeutic Support.  I’m now able to get a good night’s sleep for 7 hours at a time in my own bed and wake up with no pain.  I’m scheduled for surgery soon and so happy to have this support to get me through the recovery.

    Ernie M., Fairborn, OH   11/20/19

    I’m currently 4 weeks post rotator cuff surgery and the first 3 weeks my nights consisted of sleeping in a new recliner that was specially purchased to help me sleep, but I’d wake up every two hours due to the pain and lack of comfort.  At the end of the 3rd week a friend told me about this new product the Restore You Therapeutic Support.  The first night I was able to sleep SIX straight hours without waking up and have consistently been able to for a week now.  This support is incredible!!  Great job Scott and your crew on designing this support.  It’s a necessity for ANYONE having rotator cuff surgery.  

    Sean V., Louisville, KY  10/7/19

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